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OCIA International: a leader in organic certification

OCIA International is one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most trusted organic certification agencies. OCIA International is a member owned non-profit committed to environmentally sound stewardship. Whether your operation specializes in production, processing, or handling, we provide the highest quality organic certification services. And others agree. The Cornucopia Institute has consistently rated OCIA International as an exemplary certifier—the highest qualification possible.

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About OCIA

We’re one of the oldest and most trusted organic certification agencies in the business. But there is so much more to our story than our age.

Why should you certify with OCIA International?

We know that choosing an organic certification agency is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. OCIA is one of the oldest and most trusted certifiers in the organic industry, and we are here to support you and your operation.

Certification Process

We know that the certification process can be stressful and intimidating. But we believe knowledge is power. Learn what to expect throughout your certification journey.

Meet the Team

We’re not going to sugarcoat it. We have the hardest working coordinators and certifying agents in the business on our team.

Upcoming Travel

We can’t wait to see you at an Organic Tradeshow, Farmer’s Market, Conference, or Farm Start.

What’s new at OCIA?

Fraud Plans required under NOP updates

Fraud Plans required under NOP updates

USDA Organic Regulation 205.201 (a)(3) has been updated to indicate the Organic System Plan must include “…description of the monitoring practices and procedures to verify suppliers in the supply chain and organic status of agricultural products received, and to...

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USDA Provides $5 Million to Help Organic Dairy Producers

USDA Provides $5 Million to Help Organic Dairy Producers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is announcing a second round of payments for dairy producers through the Organic Dairy Marketing Assistance Program (ODMAP), providing an additional $5 million to help dairy producers mitigate market volatility, higher input...

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The Communicator: Fall 2023 Edition

The Communicator: Fall 2023 Edition

OCIA International's quarterly newsletter, The Communicator, is back with a fresh new look! You can access the English PDF HERE, and the Spanish PDF HERE. Both versions are also readable below. or it is reproduced in full below.Summer Communicator -- English[dflip...

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We want to hear from you, regardless of where you are in your organic certification journey.

Complete the contact form below, and an OCIA International representative will contact you within two business days.

Ready to begin your transition to organic?

We’re excited that you are considering OCIA International for your organic certification needs! We know that the organic certification process can be stressful. There is so much information to learn and absorb! But you don’t have to go through the certification process alone. Complete the contact form below, and an OCIA International representative will be in touch within two business days.

If you’ve already begun the certification process and have a specific question, feel free to reach out to your certification coordinator directly, or call us at +1 (402) 477-2323.

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Thank you for submitting your organic certification application! OCIA looks forward to working with you.

For applicants who are new or currently under suspension, please see the end of the page for some important notes.

An estimate for your 2022 certification and inspection fees was sent with the login information. Please promptly send payment to the address on the invoice. If you are a new applicant, OCIA will not review your file until payment is received.

If you are submitting hardcopies of any supporting documents, please mail them to the address on the invoice. Failure to submit required supporting documents may lead to delays in the review.

Once a complete file is received, OCIA will complete a pre-inspection review. During this process, OCIA will contact you if additional information is needed. Please respond to any communication from OCIA in a timely manner.

Please contact OCIA International if you have any questions.

New applicants: Please be reminded that as a new applicant, your operation currently cannot label or sell product as organic. If organic certification is granted, an organic certificate will be issued and product can then be sold as organic.

For farm operations, the inspector must see your crop in the field, so check-strips must be left in all fields requested for certification if any harvest occurs prior to inspection. For hay fields, any hay harvested prior to inspection cannot be certified as organic.

For suspended operations: Please be aware that no product can be sold as “organic” while suspended and previous product is no longer “organic.” For farm operations, any crops currently in storage are no longer organic and must be sold conventionally. Only crops harvested after reinstatement, if it is granted, may be sold as “organic.” Any crops harvested from fields prior to reinstatement must be sold conventionally.

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¡Gracias por enviar su solicitud de certificación orgánica! OCIA espera trabajar con usted. Para los solicitantes que son nuevos o están actualmente suspendidos, consulte el final de la página para conocer información importante.

Se le envió un estimado de los honorarios de certificación e inspección 2022 con la información de inicio de sesión. Envíe puntualmente el pago a la dirección que figura en la factura. Si usted es un nuevo solicitante, OCIA no revisará su expediente hasta que se reciba el pago.

Si envía copias impresas de cualquier documento de respaldo, envíelas por correo a la dirección que figura en la factura. Se podrá producir demoras en la revisión si no se envían los documentos de respaldo necesarios,.

Una vez que se recibe un expediente completo, OCIA llevará a cabo una revisión de preinspección. Durante este proceso, OCIA se comunicará con usted si necesita información adicional. Responda a cualquier comunicación de OCIA de manera oportuna.

Póngase en contacto con OCIA International si tiene alguna pregunta.

Para los solicitantes nuevos: recuerde que, como solicitante nuevo, su operación actualmente no puede etiquetar o vender productos como orgánicos. Si se otorga la certificación orgánica, se emitirá un certificado orgánico y el producto se podrá vender como orgánico.

Para las operaciones agrícolas, el inspector debe ver su cultivo en el campo, por lo que si se produce alguna cosecha antes de la inspección, se deben dejar franjas o surcos de verificación en todos los campos solicitados para la certificación. Para los campos de heno, cualquier heno cosechado antes de la inspección no puede certificarse como orgánico.

Para operaciones suspendidas: tenga en cuenta que ningún producto puede venderse como "orgánico" mientras está suspendido y que el producto anterior ya no es "orgánico". Para las operaciones agrícolas, cualquier cultivo actualmente almacenado ya no es orgánico y debe venderse de manera convencional. Solo los cultivos cosechados después del restablecimiento, si se otorga, pueden venderse como "orgánicos". Cualquier cultivo cosechado de los campos antes de la reinstalación debe venderse de manera convencional ".

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