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Join Organic Crop Improvement Association farmers while they share their diversified farms with you.  There will be ideas, knowledge and learning from one another about integrated crops and livestock systems, utilizing cover crop to extend livestock feed and increasing their farm’s biodiversity.

Begin the tour at 1:00 pm two miles north of the town of Abie, NE on the Larry Stanislav Farm.  Stanislav has an extensive crop rotation with spring wheat, corn, soybeans and cover crops used to control weeds and increase fertility.  Stanislav will discuss two University of Nebraska (UNL) on-farm research studies that he has cooperated on: a Nutrient Management Study, 3rd year crop rotation results and a flaming experiment for weed management and moisture conservation on corn.  NRCS conservationist will review funding opportunities available through the Natural Resources Conservation Services for fencing, water systems, cover crops and seasonal high tunnels.

From 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm visit Mark Roh, Abie Vegetable People ¼ mile west of Abie.  Mark Roh is a beginning organic market gardener, he will discuss his drip irrigation system, crop rotations, pest control, on-farm processing, storage facility and future greenhouse plans.  Mark will share on what vegetables to grow for farmers markets and how to fence raccoons out of sweet corn.

End your day at Wagon Wheel Ostry Family Farm, 2281 Spur 12B – ½ mile north of Bruno, Nebraska.  Starting at 4:00 pm Mike Ostry will tour his various field crops, cover crops and speak about his participation in the on-farm research flaming experiment with UNL.  He will explain their large organic garden, on-farm livestock processing facility, pasture: poultry, ducks, turkeys, geese and hogs.  This is a great opportunity to bring the kids and grandkids that are looking for summer job ideas.  The Ostry’s have many direct marketing, money-making projects that kids can do on the farm.

Families are welcomed; the meal is free and starts at 5:00 pm followed by Music from the Ostry Family.

Call Pat at (402) 584-3837 to reserve your meal, and for more information on the tour and organic production /certification call Kim at (402) 620-2701.

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For suspended operations: Please be aware that no product can be sold as “organic” while suspended and previous product is no longer “organic.” For farm operations, any crops currently in storage are no longer organic and must be sold conventionally. Only crops harvested after reinstatement, if it is granted, may be sold as “organic.” Any crops harvested from fields prior to reinstatement must be sold conventionally.

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