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OCIA Research & Education Farmer of the Year - 2018

Monday, April 2, 2018

LINCOLN, NE:  The OCIA Outstanding Organic Farmer of the Year award honors talented producers who certify to the OCIA level of excellence. These farmers excel in thoughtful cropping and livestock practices that build soil and reduce pests and weeds. They maintain and enhance the environment. They are innovative in farm practice.  Outstanding organic farmers are involved in the organic community, promoting and supporting organic agriculture. They are often also involved members of their local communities.


During the 2018 OCIA Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Terry and Roseanna Sheehan of Sunnie Valley Farms, in Westlock, Alberta received the award for 2018 Farmer of the Year.


Terry and Roseanna took over a family mixed farm when Terry was just 20 years old.  Their farm has grown over time and they now have four children, who are all interested in farming. 


Certified since 1997, the Sheehan’s farm consists mostly of hay land and pasture with some oats and barley grown for feed as well as human consumption.  The hay is a mixture of Alfalfa and grasses grown to feed and graze their beef herd.   

Portable feed bunks and wind break panels are used to move the cattle around and avoid keeping them in the same place every year.  Areas of trees have also been planted for shelter.  All the fat animals are sold as organic beef, either directly to consumers, or to a local buyer.  Along with planting trees, the Sheehans put up birdhouses and have two beehive colonies on their farm to enhance the natural environment.  The Sheehans improve their soil by having a rotation that includes perennial forages, grasses and grazing. 


Terry is very active promoting organic agriculture, having served as president and director of the Alberta Organic Producers Association.  He is currently serving on the OCIA International Board of Directors, and has previously served as treasurer.  He is also very active in the OCIA Chapter Members Association – Canada and serves as president.  He has been an Alberta representative for the Organic Federation of Canada, as well as the director and OFC representative of Organic Alberta.


OCIA Research and Education is proud to recognize Terry and Roseanna Sheehan as our 2018 Farmer of the Year. 




OCIA is a not-for-profit organic certification agency that has offered a wide variety of accreditations to our members throughout the world for over 30 years.  During an annual meeting, approximately organic farmers from the United States, Canada and Latin America come together to meet and vote on the Bylaws, Standards and Board of Directors for this member-run organization.



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