About OCIA

Chapter Benefits


Being a member of an OCIA chapter allows the participation within the larger organization of OCIA such as voting rights at the Annual General Membership Meeting (AGMM). OCIA Chapters also offer a variety of services which are educational and supportive toward organic operations or for those wishing to begin organic operations.

Benefits of being a member of a chapter include, but are not limited to:

  • A farmer-owned and farmer-controlled organization
  • Supply technical assistance, educational information and research in organic farming practices to their members
  • Chapters, as a separate entity from certification, can assist members with the application process.
  • Network of chapters
  • Field days
  • Local discussions of problems and success
  • Mentor new producers
  • Be mentored by new producers

Please contact any of OCIA's chapter offices for more information about the individual benefits of chapter membership.

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